Read what our interns have to say:

Nicole Franz, RDN

If you are looking for an internship program that offers freedom and flexibility, choose the New York Distance Dietetic Internship.

The focus of this program is exam preparation and preparing you to become a Registered Dietitian. When you look at the big picture, that is exactly why we complete an internship in the first place. If you are on the fence about applying to this program, I highly recommend that you do so!

This program is affordable and allows you to tailor your experience to exactly how you prefer. There are a total of four rotations (food service, community, clinical and health/nutrition influencer.) The lineup of the rotations flows nicely. For example, working within the community before immersing yourself in the clinical field helps you form an idea of the nutritional needs of the general population first. This knowledge provides a foundation for the specific nutritional needs in a clinical setting.

Compared to other interns' feedback within our field, I felt that the work load for our program was very manageable. During each rotation, you will complete a major project that showcases your newfound knowledge and experience within each niche of the dietetics field. The assigned projects were designed to serve a purpose and we did not have any "busy work".

The directors are very personable and reassuring that you will become a phenomenal Registered Dietitian. I liked that each week, we had access to an RD who offered virtual exam preparation with materials, educational lessons, and pneumonic devices to remember those tricky definitions!

Ann McQuinn

Certified Integrative Health Coach, True Wellness, LLC

The New York Distance Dietetics Internship program offers exactly what I needed as a single mom in my journey to become an RDN. The opportunity to complete a well-rounded rotation schedule and internship experience in my home town was extremely important to me. I knew immediately upon meeting the Director and RD Exam instructor that NYDDI was for me! The team is so supportive, and it has been an amazing experience!

🙂 thank you!

Taylor Smith

Dietetic Intern

NYDDI was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I was allowed to work alongside and connect with people within my community. My instructors were extremely helpful and transparent throughout the internship process. NYDDI even allowed me to choose an elective of my passion within sports nutrition! I got to be flexible with my schedule inside and outside of the program. We had regular meetings and daily communication between instructors and my intern mates. We helped each other with test prep, on job questions, and became close friends even spread out across the U.S. The extensive study materials and practice exams helped me become familiar with the ins and outs of the RD Exam. NYDDI prepared me with the knowledge and skills to succeed in my next endeavors!