We want interns to succeed in the program. Success is defined by:

  1. Completing the rotations
  2. Scoring well on evaluations
  3. Preparing for the Registration Exam
  4. Passing the exam

Periodically, the challenge to complete assignments requires remediation. Remediation could include, but is not be limited to; NYDDI conducting virtual meetings, providing technical instruction, providing instructors to work one-on-one with interns, counseling, referrals for further learning, and other resources to give an intern every chance to succeed.

However, within the allotted time frame, if an intern cannot satisfactorily complete assignments, regularly pass quizzes and prepare quality materials for presentations on a timely basis, the program director will schedule a formal virtual meeting to counsel and advise the intern to adopt a career better suited to their ability. As an example, another career might be a Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR) or Dietary Manager. NYDDI will assist in these decisions while providing resources for these options.

Interns who, within the allotted time frames, do not attain satisfactory midpoint evaluations, demonstrate recurring attendance issues, present work assignment inadequacies, or other circumstances requiring remediation should meet with the program director to decide the next step.

Should an intern decide to resign from the program an email and written letter must be sent to the program director.

Regardless of the reason for resignation or dismissal, NYDDI does not provide a refund of either the deposit or balance of payment. Once you commit to entering the NYDDI program, we hold your place and will not give it out to another applicant. If you have further questions, please revisit our refund policy.