Correspondence, files, and personal information shall remain private and protected. Interns and graduates have the right to see their files by making a request with the program director.

Intern’s Verification Statement and files will be retained by NYDDI for seven (7) years. Family members or others are not permitted access to the data without written permission from the intern.

NYDDI follows the U.S. Department of Education Guidance Issued on Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services.

We do not share email addresses.

The privacy of intern online communication and records is protected by a secure username and password.

Code Of Ethics

As an intern and future Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist you are expected to abide by the Academy Code of Ethics. This code is intended to establish a system to deal with complaints involving those working in our profession and the public.

Adapted from the ACEND website –

When providing services, the nutrition and dietetics practitioner adheres to the core values of customer focus, integrity, innovation, social responsibility, and diversity.

Science-based decisions, derived from the best available research and evidence, are the underpinnings of ethical conduct and practice. This Code applies to nutrition and dietetics practitioners who act in a wide variety of capacities encountered in daily practice. The primary goal is the protection of the individuals, groups, organizations, communities, or populations with whom the practitioner works and interacts.

Questions or concerns regarding the Code of Ethics should be directed to Leslie Rosen, Program Director at