Interns may apply for credit for prior work or volunteer experiences towards completion of their supervised practice hours. Credit is offered for either food service management or community nutrition. We do not provide credit for the clinical nutrition rotation or elective rotations.

Documentation must include detailed work experiences, reflecting work done equivalent to an entry-level dietitian.

Prior learning must demonstrate the achievement of required competencies in nutrition and dietetics.

Some examples of work activities include:

  • Recipe – either evaluating, testing, or standardizing
  • Menu development
  • Planning and implementing special events
  • Food production planning, record keeping, and implementation
  • Sanitation reviews
  • In-service training for staff and volunteers
  • Lesson plans for education sessions
  • Providing nutrition education and counseling
  • Examples of following regulatory compliance e.g., assisting on completing mandated assessments and surveys
  • Other examples that fulfill competencies

Work must be signed off by an immediate supervisor.

If an intern worked as an accredited Dietetic Technician the application for prior credit will be reviewed with due consideration.

Interns may receive up to 25% maximum reduction of the 1000 hours (250 hours). Paid work or volunteering must have been completed during the past five years.

In summary, if approved, and signed off by a supervisor, an entire 7 weeks of supervised work experience of either food service management or community nutrition will be waived. In effect, an intern receiving prior credit can complete the internship in 6 months rather than 8 months.

Approval of Prior Learning Credit is at the sole discretion of the program director Leslie Rosen, MA, RDN, CDN. Decision for credit hours is not subject to appeal and does not affect program fees.

Interns must first be enrolled in the NYDDI program and complete the form in the DI app. The form is then emailed to the supervisor and approved.

Keep in mind, if an intern has documented and verified work experiences that meet the ACEND competencies (see work example list above), there is a great likelihood it will be approved.