As the intern proceeds with rotations they will be expected to satisfactorily complete defined competencies. Under the guidance of the preceptor, the interns assignments are the conduit to complete the required competencies.

To evaluate the work and assess student learning we review the following;

  • Preceptor evaluations
  • Research project
  • Case study
  • Other assignments

There is one formal evaluation at the end of each rotation, which is completed through the DI app by your preceptor.

At the completion of each rotation interns complete a self-evaluation which is shared with the preceptor and program director.

We strongly suggest a scheduled 15-20 minute meeting with the intern and preceptor once each week to plan projects and address issues. These meetings are the hallmark of building strong communication habits which will stay with the intern throughout their career.

At the completion of each rotation, interns will evaluate the preceptor, facility, and rotation.

There are a total of 41 competencies in four domain areas.

NYDDI requires the completion of four rotations. During orientation interns receive a rotation syllabus with a brief overview of what to expect and tips to get started in the rotation. The centerpiece of the syllabus is the learning assignments to meet the ACEND competencies. There are instructions and tips on how to succeed. Refer to the syllabus each day.